Mediatrac is a media tracking company which decided to change its core business into big data analytics in 2010. That decision made them the pioneer of big data corporation in Indonesia. However, the market is still not ready to delve in that sophisticated industry.

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"Credens delivered simple but creative solutions to our brief. Our highest recommendation for the quality and partnership that they have delivered." Regi Wahyu - Co-founder & CEO of Dattabot

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Together with Thinking*Room, Credens rebrand the identity to convey a friendlier vibe of big data, as well as educating the general public through offline community platform called Dattabot Dojo.

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After its rebrand in 2016, Dattabot is known as the forefront of Indonesia’s big data industry. Within a year, It has succeeded in establishing 47 partnerships with companies from different institutions (Government, NGO, Private sectors, etc). Dattabot Dojo has also become a founding member of 3 strategic associations: Fintech Indonesia Association, ABDI (Indonesia Big Data Association), and Indonesia IOT Forum.

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