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PT.Kobe Nutri Farma, a pharmaceutical company based in Jakarta, produced FibreFirst; A healthy detox supplement that combines the benefits of premium fibre from fruits and vegetables and nutrition in just one drink away.

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Despite many similar products are offered in the market, FibreFirst must distinguish their brand from others, as well as educate the consumers that FibreFirst act as a daily supplement and not a meal replacement. Following this main challenge, PT Kobe Nutri Farma has an expansion plan to market its product to neighbouring countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong; with each country has their own unique characteristics.

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Through extensive Consumer Research and various insights, Credens have designed a brand purpose that able to align FibreFirst’s original mission and their future plan. We also advised FibreFirst to create the Fibrefirst Brand Book, as a reference for their internal sales and marketing team in giving correct information and product knowledge to consumers. Moreover, this brand book can stand as consistency guidance for their agency in preparing overseas product campaigns.

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