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Safyooz is a handmade based luxury bathware products crafted in Indonesia; Produced to fulfil the harmony of high living and luxury needs. Over the years of existence in global market has driven Safyooz to dominate the local market. To overcome this new challenge, Credens help Safyooz to apply few strategic plans to the brand.

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We elevate Safyooz’s brand image of artisan product to another level; Promoting its carefully handcrafted products with iconic design, best materials and high standard quality. This overall concept also incorporated throughout its classic visual logo and prominent design, with the assistance of ThinkingRoom, without losing its connection to today’s market.

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We also rename few of Safyooz’s product and technology terms to capture the emotional side of the product and to represent a more exclusive image. Now, their technique named Safyotec and their materials called Kultura Minerale with inspiring stories to be told.