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Kolase.com is a first digital platform of crowdfunding specialized in music and creative industry in Indonesia. Designed to support local talents and artists that works in any form of ideas, and moreover to become a designated medium that brings people together.

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We deliver comprehensive branding services, from creating the brand name ‘kolase’ to simplify their brand message. #PatunganOnline received a remarkable response from its users nationwide within the first 6 weeks since launched.

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With the launch of its website in February 2018, Kolase.com has strikingly make a big break in just six weeks period to engage with more than 8,600 active users and help to raise funds over USD750,000 (read here) which planned to subsidise the first 1,000 campaigns on the platform.

Today, Kolase.com has successfully draw music fans and newcomer artists to participate, along to collaborate with local top musicians such as Tulus, Padi, 3Diva, Koes Plus, Hivi, and Superglad. Moreover, also attract major music institutions in Indonesia like Bekraf, PAPPRI, ASIRI and Wahana Musik Indonesia.

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Raden Maulana Kolase Testimonial Credens

"Credens’ ethnography study reveals answer to our question that we never knew before. The study enlightens us not to see things from one standpoint. All these times we were trying to penetrate a market that turns out to be depending on another stakeholder that has a more important role. I’m satisfied with the result Credens has delivered. They show things that we overlooked."

Raden Maulana - CEO of Kolase.com