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Lingkaran was launched in 2015 in response to addressing gap issue between formal education and professional world. Wendy Pratama experienced the issue himself, and then initiated to create Lingkaran; a platform for non-formal education and community service which provide creative programs to help people achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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By two years of Lingkaran existence, Wendy realized the market demand for a non-formal education and creative workshops are rapidly increasing which triggers the emerging of new competitors.

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The overall concepts of Lingkaran are expected to level up into a better improvement as well, from their strategy, design, experience to their curated programs, all represent a witty, sophisticated and reliable place to come to.

We transformed Lingkaran through a brand-new purpose and renewed tagline, from “Circle of Ideas” to “Meet your next possibilities”, believes would portray new spirit of Lingkaran as a community that channels all creative makers and mentors. A new line of business unit called LingkaranX (‘X’ stands for eXecutive) launched and served big companies such as Telkomsel, Sunsilk, Nescafe, HSBC, and many more.

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I believe in Credens team since the day one we met. With a rich knowledge of the industry, proper methodology and strong experiences, they deliver a solid strategy and also a deep reminder for us to hold on to our purpose and stay true to our values - Thanks to Credens team.

Wendy Pratama - Founder of